Pumping The Septic Tank

The secret to keeping a septic tank running for a long time is keeping it well-maintained. Solid waste can not enter the drain fields of an unkempt tank, and everything stops functioning. When this kind of malfunctions happen, you risk severe health consequences for everyone living there. You might get sewage in your yard or home.

If you have gone 36 or more months since a pump, we make sure that you do not get system failure or problems in your drain fields. If the system is backed up, we pump it and let you know how to avoid things going forward.

Symptoms Of A Septic System Needing Servicing

-Have you gone 36 months or more without pumping or inspection?
-Does your yard have wet spots?
-Does your nose catch a sewer odor in your basement or yard?
-Does any drain have water backing up?
-Do you have clogged drain or toilet?
-Do your basement drains do so slowly?
-Do pipes gurgle when you run the washing machine?

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