Septic Pumping Maintenance Service

If you want to keep your septic system healthy and fully functional, then routine pumping is the secret to doing so. The build-up of sludge is unavoidable, but you can keep the level of it well-managed with routine service. A septic system has to be appropriately cleaned at steady intervals to make sure that a healthy liquid balance is maintained within the system. Routine service is also useful in identifying issues that might be waiting to turn into problems in the future. Trust our professionals and their training to see symptoms that you might not find yourself.

Our 3-Step Maintenance Plan

We are confident that your septic system is easily kept up if you use the 3-Step Maintenance Plan we offer:

1) Regular Pumping Of Your Septic System

A number of factors determine the frequency with which your septic tanks needs to receive service. The age of your system, how many people reside in your home, how you use your garbage disposal, and how much laundry you do are all considerations. Each system is its own story, and what works well for your neighbor across the street might not be a good idea on your property. Give our customer service number a ring or consult your EarthCare tech to talk about the correct frequency of septic system service for your home.

2) Using Bacterial Additive Products

If your septic system does not have bacteria in it, then the organic solids within can not be broken down or digested. Many homes nowadays use cleaning liquids, soaps, and detergents that are anti-bacterial. These are very common household products, and as intended, they do a wonderful job of eliminating bacteria you usually do not want in your home. Unfortunately, they also kill off the very bacteria that your septic system needs to do its job. In the time we have been doing our work, we have come to the conclusion that retail products are not formulated adequately to serve you well.

Our recommendation is Bioforce Liquid, as it makes use of special bacteria with a potent ability to digest waste. It features a blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria cultured for a powerful ability to not just digest but even liquefy all of your organic waste. This happens very fast, in a very efficient manner, and even without smells or scents involved. You can also count on it to get rid of blockages in drains and eliminate odors, so it is great to use in your septic tank. You do need to keep up with routine injections to keep the system running effectively. With overall appropriate care for your septic system and avoiding excess use of antibacterials or other chemicals, then Bioforce liquid should stay powerful until you get pumped again.

3) Filter Aspects

We clean your septic system’s filter every service appointment if there is one. If not, we strongly suggest that you have one installed. This particular tool is critical because it is a layer of protection for your leach field. Acting like a strainer, it keeps grime, hair, grit, and larger particles that have yet to break down in your tank from going into the leach field lines.