Replacement and Repairs

Our repair professionals can fix just about anything wrong with your septic system. They can build up cover collars and also install new covers too. Distribution boxes and lines can be either repaired or replaced. Count on us at Earth Care to keep your septic system not just serviced, but also inspected thoroughly component by component. We make sure that your installation is in great functioning condition but also stays in top shape for your future years of need. If you need repairs or servicing, request us today!

Replacement Of The Cover

Here at EarthCare, our top priority is always safety, so we ensure that your septic system’s cover is not a possible danger. We look it over for any issues and then tell you if it is time to replace it because of an existing or potential problem. We keep some varying sizes on hand at all times, and can replace covers of all shapes and sizes.

Baffles, Distribution Box, and Inlet/Outlet T’s

If you are having issues with your Baffles, Distribution Box, or Inlet/Outlet T’s, EarthCare professionals can replace them if they are unable to repair them first.

Repairs And Replacements Of Septic System Lines

EarthCare professionals can also fix or replace breaks and cracks in the main line running from your house to your septic tank.