Installation Service

Some septic systems come with covers that are buried deep in the earth. To keep issues from happening during a service call, we at EarthCare can install what is called a Build-up, which is sometimes also called a Riser. It raises the level of the cover to be closer to the ground surface. That means you pay less in digging fees, and also negates potential service issues when winter frost is in play.

The Tank Seal

If low levels are proving to a be a problem in your system, then EarthCare professionals can look over your tank for holes, cracks, and leaks. We can even try sealing your septic system, as it sometimes saves the whole tank.

Design And Installation Of A Septic System

EarthCare experts can walk you through the entire process of creating a new system, redesigning an existing one, installing either, or hooking you up to a municipal sewer system.

We have thousands of installations under our belt, and we have helped numerous commercial and residential properties over the tri-state region. We understand that you can get easily overwhelmed at the thought of installing a new system, so our experienced reps and techs are ready to answer all your questions to expedite the process. Our dedicated group of employees is ready and willing to give you a hand with your needs.

To request services, send us an email or call us to consult our skilled customer service staff.

Designing Traditional And Alternative Septic Systems

Since a lot of areas do not have the right soil for a traditional septic system, you might discover yourself in need of something alternative. Alternatives are also sometimes necessary where an abundance of traditional systems are clustered together or systems are in proximity surface or ground waters. Alternative systems use newer technology to make the treatment processes improved, so special maintenance and care might be required.

Alternative systems typically use plastic media, sand, or even peat, rather than soil, to promote treatment of the wastewater. Still, other systems might incorporate disinfection devices, lagoons, aerators, or wetlands. Alternative systems often use pumps, float switches, and some other mechanical and electrical components. Alternative systems have to get annual inspections. If you already have or are in need of such an alternative system, consult an EarthCare servicer or your community health department.